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1. I washed your skirt for you. 2. Daming wants to wear my hat. 3. Your new trousers are on line. 4. He found this book on the school bus.

1.What classes do you like? 2.Mary is fun for Wednesday. (第二题很奇怪) 3.What day is it today? 4.I often do my homework in the weekend. 5.What do you have on Monday?

Hello, 1. They go to school by sled. 他们坐雪橇上学。 2. Let me read this for you. 让我给你读读这个。 3. The ferry didn't work. 轮船坏了。 4. Did they go to Shanghai by plane? 他们是做飞机去上海的吗? 5. Don't let the dogs run...

句号: 青蛙没有参加冬天的音乐会。 冬天的音乐会青蛙没有参加。 没有青蛙参加冬天的音乐会。 问号: 青蛙没有参加冬天的音乐会? 冬天的音乐会青蛙没有参加?

原题 are seasons four a in there year . 连词成句 There are four seasons in a year . 一年之中有四个季节。


Everyone is tired and hungry. Can you point the bottom of the envelope? How many sheep do you have? I need a picec of paper. He reads Chinese every day. The stamp is ten yuan. May I take your picture? Danny buys a snack for me....

2 mom taught me how to make a cake 3. i couldnt see or hear last week 4. did you see something interesting yesterday

您好答案是答:Let's go to the beatch to play. 希望帮助你

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