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1. I washed your skirt for you. 2. Daming wants to wear my hat. 3. Your new trousers are on line. 4. He found this book on the school bus.

1.What classes do you like? 2.Mary is fun for Wednesday. (第二题很奇怪) 3.What day is it today? 4.I often do my homework in the weekend. 5.What do you have on Monday?


She sees a big dish of beef . She turns to a little man . She thinks hard again . She is walking by the sea . The dog eats the dinner .

为您解答1.He can find out about the books in the library.(他能在图书馆里查明关于书的事) 2.We can find a book about computers there.(我们在那能找到一本关于电脑的书) 3.Where are the books about games?(关于游戏的书在哪?) 4.Where...

we usually play sports together 我们通常一起做运动

Summer is hot and the days are long.

1 Do you have many eggs?你有许多鸡蛋吗? 2 Do you have seventeen cakes?你有十七个蛋糕吗? 3 You have some sweet grapes.你有一些甜的葡萄。 4 These mangoes are for you.这些芒果是给你的。 5 What do you have?你有什么?

Everyone is tired and hungry. Can you point the bottom of the envelope? How many sheep do you have? I need a picec of paper. He reads Chinese every day. The stamp is ten yuan. May I take your picture? Danny buys a snack for me....

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