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RAIGN - Don't Let Me Go.mp3

Wings - Birdy Birdy的Skinny Love 在日记里面也是个插曲、记得是第二季约翰下葬的时候。

RAIGN - Don't let me go

歌名:Afraid 歌手:The Neighbourhood 满意请采纳

Laurel - Fire Breather Town crier, village flyer Got a skull and crossbones on his chest And I can't resist When he looks like this All his other girls Face on magazines Big blue eyes, oh I don't know what it means, no What doe...

Watching myself 看着我自己 Drift no way 漂泊无依 The vision’s so dark 视线昏暗 I cannot stay 不能再逗留 I wish I know why 我想知道这是为什么 Try not catch myself and fall and fall 一旦松手就无尽地坠落 Too little to lay 无处安身...

1、斯特凡和莱西在另一边的酒吧谈话的背景音乐《No Rest For the Wicked -Lykke Li》 2、达蒙承诺埃琳娜,他会回来找她时的背景音乐《Love Is Just a Way to Die -I Am Strikes》 3、达蒙跟埃琳娜在另一边道歉时的背景音乐《Be Alright - Lucy R...

1.No Rest For the Wicked - Lykke Li Stefan & Lexi在另一边的酒吧谈话 2.Love Is Just a Way to Die - I Am Strikes Damon承诺Elena,他一定会回来找她的。 3.Be Alright - Lucy Rose Damon在另一边跟Elena道歉. 4.Wings - Birdy Jeremy寻找Bo...

Raign - 《Don't Let Me Go》

good mistake 求采纳

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