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On the one hand /side,on the other hand /side

on the one hand,....... on the other hand ......... 点下采纳啊!!!

on the one hand 一方面 on the other hand 另一方面 例句: 一方面我必须工作;另一方面我有许多来宾要照看。 On the one hand I have to work ,on the other hand I have many visitors to see.

On one hand you can communicate with other people in certain ways, on the other hand you can understand many sentence structures

可以说: Wings of Dreams For the dreams of wings

星曜 Star 双语例句 1 红色星曜精灵,记住! Spirit of the Red Planet, Remember! 2 12世纪西夏国的星曜崇拜 Worship to Divination by Astrology in the West Xia Dynasty in the 12th Century

bitch一般没有死八婆的意思,是婊子的意思。 骂女的死八婆还是用“fucking yenta”最贴切,口语化一点就"yenta pussy"

为您解答 the thrid wheel A third wheel

on one hand,car is useful for us ,on the other hands,it can make pollution as well

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