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一方面 for one thing..., for another...; on the one hand..., on the other hand...:

On the one hand /side,on the other hand /side

一方面,另一方面 hand; on the one hand,on the other hand; on the one hand, on the other hand; [例句]当然,提供信息的在线存储还只是问题的一个方面,另一个方面是让信息变得可搜索和可访问。 Of course, providing online storage for inf...

on (the) one hand ..., (and) on the other (hand) for one thing...,for another...;

on the one hand,....... on the other hand ......... 点下采纳啊!!!

一方面,另一方面用英语分别表示为: 一方面:On one hand 另一方面:on the other hand

例句 我到这座城市一方面是洽谈业务,另一方面是看望老朋友。 The purpose of my visit to this city is to talk business on the one hand and to see my old friend on the other. 一方面我必须工作;另一方面我有许多来宾要照看。 On the one...

最常用的就是on the other hand喽 on the other aspect也是一个意思

主要体现在.... Mainly reflects in...

on the one hand 一方面 on the other hand 另一方面 例句: 一方面我必须工作;另一方面我有许多来宾要照看。 On the one hand I have to work ,on the other hand I have many visitors to see.

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