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appoint的意思是“任命,指派,委任”,后多跟职位一类的名词; 例:They appointed him Minister of Education. 他们任命他为教育部长. She was appointed to the Chairmanship of the Committee. 她被任命为委员会的主席. assign的相关意思是“分配,...

Date appointed to present job 委任为目前工作的日期 Date appointed to present job 委任为目前工作的日期

你好! an encumbrancer takes possession or a receiver is appointed over any of property or assets of th 不动产上的负担需要占有或接收器是任命的任何财产或资产

一般就只说 be appointed xxx 的 这里的as被省略 很少会写出来 不必拘泥教材上"正确"的格式


不用as,它是及物动词: The CEO appointed him (这里不要as) the new manager 或者用被动的,he was appointed (这里也不要as) the new manager by the CEO.

Jack Smith,who signed the foregoing certificated was at the time of signing the same, and is now,Secretary of the State of Texas,duly appointed and ...

appointed as 任命为 双语对照 例句: 1. Five cannibals get appointed as engineers in a defense company. 五食人族被任命为一家国防公司的工程师。 2. Sometimes gangsters are appointed as village leaders by higher-level officials. 有...

appointed 有含命令的意思 designated比较口语化 ie:Please contact with your designated forwarder .


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